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The Body Can Only Manifest What the Mind Believes
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Welcome to I Manifest Wellness, my home on the web. I am excited to help you take control of your wellness, and realize your own potential to bring about your health and well-being. The traditional model for treating life-threatening illness in the U.S. requires the patient give up all control to his/her doctors and care-givers.  Patients feel helpless to do anything for themselves?  Only when patients have exhausted all traditional treatment, is when I typically meet them... in the most critical stage of their illness... They are always panicked and believe their time is running out.  For over 25 years, I have traveled the world, performing healings on hundreds of people.  
l have loved every minute of it, but became time for a cultural change.  I needed to find a forum to reach many people and show them their own potential, within themselves; to bring about their own health and wellness. You do not always need go to someone else…  It is time for you to realize that you can become a significant “participant”  in your own healing process.
It is my pleasure to help you, in any way I can, with this journey of YOUR lifetime…