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The Body Can Only Manifest What the Mind Believes
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Thursday 10/19/2017 11:05:46 PDT
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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12 Bob
Location: Carlsbad

Monday 03/15/2010 16:22:12 PDT
b(^) Fantastic book, so helpful!

So proud of you for putting it all together and sharing it.
11 Terri
Location: Vista, CA

Monday 03/15/2010 15:58:16 PDT
You go girl! I am so proud of you! 6(^)6
10 Shawna
Location: Murphy, Or

Friday 03/12/2010 16:23:49 PST
Hey!, thisis so cool, congrats!!! I re-read your book on a regular basis. Thanks for help with the knee!!!! 8-|
9 Tracy
Location: Carlsbad, CA

Saturday 02/27/2010 13:32:10 PST
This is so great!!!
8 Barbara
Location: Oceanside

Friday 02/26/2010 19:42:09 PST
6(^)6 Great job, Sherry...nice website...happy for you....congratulations!
7 Debbie
Location: Vista, CA

Monday 02/22/2010 20:32:27 PST
Way to go Sherry. Love the message and the colors. Congratulations! 6(^)6
6 Michael
Location: San Marcos, CA

Friday 02/19/2010 14:44:25 PST
Wow what a great job!

&#8220;All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.&#8221;


You thought of a awesome website, you have a awesome website.
5 Salvatore
Location: Vista, California

Friday 02/19/2010 08:51:41 PST
Hello Sherry ;-) Very nice website ! Congradulations but this is just the beginning of a new level of sharing. I am sure this will open new vistas for your healing endeavors. Enjoy the ride....

P.S. Great photogragh :-D
4 Sharon Gaskill
Location: Las Cruces NM

Friday 02/19/2010 07:19:12 PST
way to go girlfriend. Without Doubt a great web site. Luv, Sharon
3 Eric
Location: Richland, WA

Thursday 02/18/2010 22:57:14 PST
Congratulations! wonderful website and beautiful direction. luv ya,

2 Dru

Thursday 02/18/2010 16:58:10 PST
A BIG congratulations Sherry! A great place to visit and to be able to refer friends! thanks and love, Dru
1 Terry Hall
Location: San Diego

Thursday 02/18/2010 16:02:20 PST
:-D Very nice. Your book is assume and I recommend it to anyone who has a physical body.